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5 Best Christian Bale’s Roles

Christian Balehas celebrated his anniversary on January 30 – this handsome British-born actor has turned 40 years old. He has done a lot during these years. In particular, he has reached the top of Hollywood. Christian is very selective, and therefore almost all of his roles are interesting. In our opinion, here are the most striking of his works. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

It’s time to say goodbye to the cult TV series How I Met Your Mother: after the two-week negotiation, the CBS TV network has signed a contract with the 20 Century Fox Tv to film a spinoff entitled How I Met Your Dad. The story of the protagonist Ted Mosby and his friends continues to gather viewers in front of the screens around the world. In addition, the founders of the film have twenty-eight nominations for the Emmy award and nine statuettes. Continue reading

Non-Stop Movie Trailer

Quite a busy cinema season for Julianne Moore! Many film fans have already seen The Passion of Don Juan. Telekinesis thriller based on Stephen King’s book is coming out soon, and in the first half of the next year we will be looking forward to other three releases, featuring the red-haired film star, one of which is the Non-Stop thriller. Continue reading