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5 Best Christian Bale’s Roles

Christian Balehas celebrated his anniversary on January 30 – this handsome British-born actor has turned 40 years old. He has done a lot during these years. In particular, he has reached the top of Hollywood. Christian is very selective, and therefore almost all of his roles are interesting. In our opinion, here are the most striking of his works. Continue reading

R.E.D. 2 Movie Review

“R.E.D.” is a very respectable film adaptation of a cruel comic book about the fearless and invincible CIA agent, who had been living many years quietly in retirement, until his former colleagues started hunting him. A powerful and spectacular action combined with really funny humor, successful characters (meaning Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren) – well, all of this implies the promised sequel. Many film fans suspected the story to continue – and now R.E.D. 2 has been released. Continue reading