14 Best Spring 2014 Movies

Spring means a lot of sun and warmth in the streets, and premieres of summer blockbusters and the best films of the year at cinemas. The coming three months are rich in hit movies. We have selected the best spring movies for you not to miss the most interesting ones.

300: Rise of an Empire

Dir. Noam Murro. Premiere: March, 6.


This is both a sequel and prequel to 300 because the events of the new film cover the period before, during and after the glorious Battle of Marathon. In the second movie, the action is even more spectacular: a few large water and land battles involving four armies. Bonus: a confrontation between two ancient shrews played by Eva Green and Lena Headey.

Nymphomaniac. Vol II

Dir. Lars von Trier. Premiere: March, 6.


The first part, based on the ratings, was overly romantic (by the standards of the Nymphomaniac, of course). The second promises to be rougher. The main character will be quenching her sexual needs to the full.

The Dallas Buyers Club

Dir. Jean-Marc Vallee. Premiere: March, 13.


Based on real life events, the movie received six Oscar nominations. The theme of the movie is acute, though unpleasant: a man dying of AIDS sells smuggled drugs banned in the U.S. because of some bureaucratic delays. The film is notable for utterly convincing actor’s play by Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

Need for Speed

Dir. Scott Waugh. Premiere: March, 13.


This motion picture will save those who cannot wait for the new part of The Fast and The Furious. The filmmakers managed to turn the iconic racing game into a feature film, and even added a love story between a hot young Imogen Poots and the star of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul.


Dir. Darren Aronofsky. Premiere: March, 27.


It is an expensive direction of the well-known biblical story. The movie is full of surprises. Firstly, it was created by the director of Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan. Secondly, the plot involves the people who had not been put into the ark and were very angry about this.

The First Avenger: Another War

Dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo. Premiere: April, 3.


If a friend turned out a … – this is a mini-spoiler and the second blockbuster story about Captain America. The superhero is getting used to our time, flirting with Black Widow and brandishing a shield for the benefit of the United States and the whole world.

Only lovers Left Alive

Dir. Jim Jarmusch. Premiere: April, 10.


This film is for those who got tired of vanilla vampire melodrama like Twilight. In the film, there are vampires in love, too, but they live an unhurried life, talking about art and strumming the guitar. It is the latest work by the cult director, Jim Jarmusch.

New Spider-Man 2: High Voltage

Dir. Marc Webb. Premiere: April, 24.


It is the second blockbuster of the season by Marvel. Like Captain America, Spider-Man, too, will do some soul-searching, until more serious business distracts him – an unprecedented number of enemies and power shortages that threaten the humanity.

Under the skin

Dir. Jonathan Glazer. Premiere: April 24


The main attraction of this film is Scarlett Johansson. She appears on the screen with dark curly hair and in her underwear, as a humanoid collecting victims for an alien civilization. It will be hard for men seduced by her gorgeous body. However, isn’t Scarlett worth it?


Dir. Wally Pfister. Premiere: May, 8.


How often do we see an evil Johnny Depp on the screen? What about a bald Johnny Depp? That’s it. So, watching Transcendence is a must. He plays a crazy professor, stuck at the megacomputer he has created himself. His opponents will have hard times.


Dir. Gareth Edwards. Premiere: May 15.

Sixteen years have passed since the last American film about the monster created by the Japanese. Special effects and graphics have advanced markedly for this time, and you can see it in the new Godzilla. Just look at the horror-stricken faces of the popular actors – Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Juliette Binoche.

X-Men: Days of future past

Dir. Bryan Singer. Premiere: May 22.


Another X-Men film involving good old characters like Wolverine and the new Mystique performed by Jennifer Lawrence. Besides, Days of the Future Past will give the viewers a double portion of Magneto and Professor Xavier – they will meet themselves as elderly people. All thanks to the intricate plot, associated with time loops.


Dir. Robert Stromberg. Premiere: May 29.


Everyone got used to the fact that fairy tales are stories where you empathize with good boys and girls. Maleficent is a completely different movie, though it is based on the Sleeping Beauty. Here we see the story through the eyes of an evil witch who has her own truth and her own reasons. And what about those eyes of Angelina Jolie!

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