5 Most Romantic Pixar Cartoons

In addition to the Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and the Prince, there are a couple of no less romantic and touching stories about love and friendship in the world. We have picked up five of such short- and full-length cartoons by the Pixar studio.


1. Wall-E

This is the love story of a lonely little robot that purifies the Earth from the results of human activity day and night. People themselves no longer inhabit the planet – they are all obese and immobilized in a world where robots and machines do everything for them. The monotonous life of Wall-E changes after an accidental meeting with another robot – silent and shy Eve. This is one of the most romantic couples in the history of Pixar cartoons.

2. Up

This must be one of the saddest and most touching cartoons in the world released by the Pixar studio. The protagonist is an elderly man (once he used to be a redhead boy, who dreamt of traveling around the world), but turned into a creaky, grouchy old man after the death of his wife. His book of travelling remained only on paper. Everything changes when a chubby and very persistent boy turns up in his house. This cartoon is about dreams, about family and, of course, about love for life, which is everything a human needs.

3. A Bug’s Life

This story is about a small, but very brave ant Flick, who decides to fight the gang of locusts to protect his crops, his family and, of course, Princess Dora. It is a funny and kind cartoon, at the end of which evil is punished as usual, and the brave ants are saved. Besides, this cartoon is very amusing – just remember the words of an incredibly cute thick caterpillar that dreams of becoming a butterfly!

4. Partly Cloudy

This is a short-length cartoon about an extremely touching, though not very romantic story. In addition, it is about true friendship. The whole day long clouds create puppies, kittens and other little cubs in the sky in order to give them to a faithful stork that will take them to their parents. However, there are less fortunate clouds – they have got crocodiles and hedgehogs: though small, they still are traumatic. One day, the stork from such a cloud decides to leave its master and join someone whose kids are kinder. But not everything is so simple in this cartoon.

5. The Blue Umbrella

This is yet another short-length Pixar cartoon. It tells the story of a romantic encounter of two umbrellas of blue and red colors that fall in love during a rainstorm. However, the owners do not care about their umbrellas. As a result, the poor male accessory escapes from the hands of its owner and starts looking for the beloved she-umbrella, whereas the street and the surrounding objects assist him. After all, everything can be done for the sake of love.

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