R.E.D. 2 Movie Review

“R.E.D.” is a very respectable film adaptation of a cruel comic book about the fearless and invincible CIA agent, who had been living many years quietly in retirement, until his former colleagues started hunting him. A powerful and spectacular action combined with really funny humor, successful characters (meaning Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren) – well, all of this implies the promised sequel. Many film fans suspected the story to continue – and now R.E.D. 2 has been released.

The plot is as follows: A retired undercover CIA agent Frank Moses joins the team of his old friends, elite CIA agents, in order to find the missing weapon of mass destruction. To get it, they will have to break through the army of ruthless mercenaries, terrorists, and power-hungry politicians.

The mission leads Frank and his motley crew of retired assassins to Paris, London and Moscow. Their arsenal includes plenty of tricks, the old skills and mutual help aimed at saving the world and staying alive.

Of course, the change of director has had an effect, and the film has got a “sequel syndrome”: the creators, of course, wanted to make the sequel more spectacular, ambitious and funny, which is certainly welcome, but the film itself has been somewhat marred.

The second part repeats the ideas of the previous movie: a lot of humor and action. The plot of the film is not particularly intriguing, and it is easy to anticipate. This is especially true of the final. There is more humor and irony in the film. So it is still worth going and watching it in the cinema, if you like action, R.E.D. in particular, comic strip attitude, and good jokes.

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