30 Funny Things You’ve Learned from Films

In movies, things are often different from the reality, even if it is not a sci-fi film. Here are 30 things you have learned from films.

  • All telephone numbers in the United States begin with 555.
  • No matter how badly a spacecraft is damaged, its internal gravity system always operates normally.
  • Everyone speaks English, no matter where they come from, even aliens from outer space, despite the fact that they have never been on the Earth or heard of humans.
  • When you turn off the lights to go to bed, everything in your room is clearly visible, but in slightly bluish colors.
  • Television usually communicates the news issue that affects you personally the moment you turn on the TV.
  • Next of kin do not look like each other or resemble each other slightly.
  • No matter how fuzzy the picture is, it can be enlarged and considered in every detail.
  • If an expert makes a prediction and nobody believes it, everything will come true exactly as he or she predicted. If everyone believes, then it will never happen.
  • Most laptops are powerful enough to take over the communication system of any hostile alien civilization.
  • There is no light in the kitchen, so, at night, you will have to open the fridge and use it for lighting.
  • The ventilation system of any building is the ultimate escape. Nobody will look for you there, and you can safely get anywhere in the building through it.
  • All bombs have built-in electronic timing devices with a big red panel, so you always know exactly when they explode.
  • All beds have special L-shaped blankets, which cover a woman up to her shoulders, and a man next to her only up to the waist.
  • Movie characters type extremely fast and never use the “space” button.
  • Lipstick is never erased, even if you go scuba diving.
  • If the film has a supporting character and a dark basement, this character is bound to go down there asking a stupid question “Who’s there?” and then receive a blow on the head.
  • If you are a good-looking blonde, then you will most likely become a global expert on nuclear weapons at the age of 22.
  • If you are driving a car on a perfectly straight road, you need to turn the steering wheel sharply from the left to the right every few seconds.
  • If something emits radiation, it certainly glows green.
  • Villains have such evil faces that they should be arrested only because of their looks.
  • Cough is usually a symptom of a deadly illness.
  • When you pay the taxi driver, you do not need to look into the purse – take at random. You will always give the necessary sum.
  • Any lock can be opened in seconds by a credit card or a paper clip if it is not the door to a burning building with a child trapped in.
  • Any computer boots up in no more than 2 seconds.
  • Any person waking up from a nightmare sits up abruptly and starts breathing heavily.
  • Being in a haunted house, a woman should investigate the source of a strange noise in her most exposing underwear.
  • No matter how many enemies you have to fight if you use martial arts. Your enemies will wait patiently dancing around until you knock them out one by one.
  • It is never a problem to park in front of any desired institution.
  • Newborn babies can babble, roll over, and hold their head.
  • Only one match is enough to light up a room the size of a stadium.

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