J.J. Abrams Releases “Stranger” Teaser

Do you remember the iconic TV series “Lost”, every minute of which immerses the viewer in another puzzle? Its creator and the famous lover of puzzles J.J. Abrams knows how to stir interest in a new project. A few days ago, Abrams’ production company Bad Robot presented to the public a teaser for a mysterious project called Stranger, giving rise to a strong wave of rumors.

During the one-minute video, the viewers see the stranger, who comes out of the water on a dark night, heading for the land. The narrator tells the story of the character in the best traditions of Abrams’ promotional strategies. After watching the video, there are more questions than answers.

Neither Abrams, nor the representatives of the Bad Robot company have given any comments yet. Meanwhile, the admirers of the director’s creative activity have started intensive discussions dedicated to the mysterious project: Is it a new film? A TV show? A book?

The most popular options include a spin-off of the TV series “Lost”, a TV drama “Believe” by Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron as well as a new part of the “Star Wars”, which is known to be directed by Abrams in the nearest future.

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