5 Best Upcoming Fun TV Series of Fall 2013

This fall, we are looking forward to the continuation of your favorite TV series, as well as the premiere of the new ones.

How I Met Your Mother

Season 9, CBS, September 23

The final season of one of the major and long-living American sitcoms will start this fall. Even the most fervent fans of HIMYM expect the TV series to finish. They wonder when hapless architect Ted will finally meet the mother of his children. We already know that the role of the mother is likely to be performed by the winner of the “Tony” award Cristin Milioti, the actress from such TV series as “The Sopranos” and “The Good Wife”. She mysteriously appeared at the end of the eighth season in cowboy boots with a yellow umbrella in her hand. Anyway, during the 2013-2014 season, the audience will finally get to know under which circumstances Ted Mosby made a marriage proposal.

Two and a Half Men

Season 11, CBS, September 29

One of the most popular and dragged-out American sitcoms of the present day was extended for the 11th season. In the new episodes, the main characters performed by Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer will lose the “half”, mentioned in the name of the series: the teen-actor (who played Jake) must go to college, so his character will virtually disappear from the TV series (however, he spent the tenth season in the army and appeared occasionally). The series will regularly involve actress Amber Tamblyn from “Doctor House”, who will play the role of a previously unknown daughter of the deceased Charlie Sheen’s character. She will be a lesbian, but while living in Walden and Alan’s house, she will suddenly have her feelings for men awakened.


2 Broke Girls

CBS, Season 3, September 23

The adventures of two flighty waitresses from a snack bar were extended for the 3rd season, which means that the girls will have a chance to get rich. Blonde Caroline and brunette Max will continue to dream about their own cupcake shop as they fend off pesky admirers and get mixed up in new funny stories. At the end of the second 2BG season, Caroline and Max had only $927 in the bank and they needed $250,000, so the girls still have a lot to do.

Modern Family

Season 5, ABC, September 25

The comedy hit about odd families happens to be in the top lists of all TV awards from year to year. The series shows the relationship of three American families to wittily discuss conventional household situations, gender issues and useful revelations, thus becoming an ironic family encyclopedia. The “Modern Family” TV series shows the most interesting gay couple on television, and this couple was given a surprising amount of attention in the fourth season. The authors have promised to respond to the recent legalization of gay marriage in California in the fifth season. In the new episodes, the fans of the series are likely to see a gay wedding.

The Big Bang Theory

Season 7, CBS, September 26

The famous TV series about the company of geek physicists and a mischievous blonde, who patiently bears them all for six seasons in a row, will return to its mega format. There will be an hour-long premiere of two episodes at a time. At the end of the sixth season, Leonard started on a long sea expedition, so we will see him only on the ship during the seventh season. While Leonard is away, Penny will have to communicate with him on Skype and spend a lot of time together with Sheldon, which is always funny. After the sorrowful parting with his sociophobe girlfriend, Raj will try to find a new girl. In the new season, we may see Sheldon’s grandmother and actor Zachary Quinto, whom Sheldon is known to favor as the new Spock. But it is only a rumor so far.


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