7 Venice Film Festival Facts

On 28 August, the official opening of one of the largest film festivals in Europe – Venice Film Festival 2013 – took place. In honor of the event’s anniversary, we are sharing some interesting facts about it.

CBGB Movie Trailer

The genre of music drama is getting more and more demanding. Musicals are not very profitable at the box offices, but indie films, initially focused on a narrower audience, are warmly received by critics and audiences.

5 Best Elmore Leonard Films

Novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard died on August 20, 2013 in the United States at the age of 87 years. He was considered one of the best authors of crime novels, and Hollywood directors are willing to make film adaptations of his works.

4 Most Impressive Movies

There are films with innuendoes, and the impression they make remains for a long time. They change our worldview, switch the mind and leave thousands of questions that are worth discussing with friends again and again in an attempt to find the answers. We suggest talking about four of such films.

Despicable Me Movie Review

“Despicable Me 2”, a Hollywood animated film, painted by French animators, is running in cinemas now. It competes for world domination – at least in the field of the income collected in box offices.