Breaking Bad Final Episode Beats All Rating Records

A worthy conclusion to the now legendary criminal saga about Walter White and Jesse Pinkman – the final episode of Breaking Bad broke the record gathering 10.8 million viewers at the screens. For comparison – the first episode of the new season of Homeland TV series, which came out the same day, was watched by… Continue reading Breaking Bad Final Episode Beats All Rating Records

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10 Facebook’s Most Popular TV Series & Shows

Facebook has once again surprised its users. However, it has nothing to do with updates this time. The largest social network in the world has made its own list of the most discussed TV novelties of this season, judging by the interests of its users.

Downton Abbey 4th Season Trailer

There is good news for the fans of the “Downton Abbey” TV series. The fourth season trailer of the TV show appeared on the Internet. And one won’t have to wait long till the favorite story appears on the screens again: the premiere in the UK is scheduled for mid-September.

Glee Season 5 Teaser & Trailer

The Fox TV channel introduced the first teaser for the upcoming fifth season of the popular Glee TV series. The bright and groovy video featuring celebrities Lea Michele, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison, showed their fans that the show goes on.

Devious Maids TV Show Trailer

Marc Cherry, the creator of the world’s favorite TV show “Desperate Housewives” has recently presented to the public his new project. It is called “Devious Maids”. This series is about the unknown side of life of ambitious maids, who work in respectable houses of Beverly Hills. It is noteworthy that the star of “Desperate Housewives”… Continue reading Devious Maids TV Show Trailer

TCA Awards Goes to ‘Breaking Bad’

The U.S. Television Critics Association (TCA) presented the TCA Awards last weekend. The Breaking Bad drama series with Bryan Cranston in the lead role has become the main TV program of the year.

10 Highest Earning TV Show Stars

The modern TV viewer loves and cares about the characters of his or her favorite series no less than a cinema goer. Naturally, the TV stars’ fees have recently started competing with motion picture revenues. Even popular Hollywood stars have been increasingly involved in sitcoms and “soap operas”.

The Sopranos Top Best-Written TV Shows List

Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) has announced its list of the 101 best-written TV shows in history, topped by the television drama about the family of Italian-American Mafia, “The Sopranos.” The series received six “Emmy” statuettes for the best script.

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